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A few days ago, I said here that I'm not interested in Hawks, but this time, on 27-29 May, I had a chance to watch Hawks' games against Chunichi Dragons on NHK BS1, so I decided to try the 3-game interleague series.

Watching through three games, I found that Fukuoka Softbank Hawks' coach Sadaharu Oh had the different philosophy from Dragons' coach Hiromitsu Ochiai. That's their pitching strategies. Oh seemed to decide promptly some things to retire pitchers. In contrast, Ochiai was patience to make pitchers throw until the inning he requested. I think both coachs are not wrong, and the problem is which coach gets the momentum or not. In that point, I did enjoyed the series.

The 1st day, Dragons' starter Kenshin Kawakami allowed four runs to be turned the tables in 6th-inning, 3-5. Ochiai didn't move out of the dugout to make the right-hander throw until 7th before his men made a come-from-behind victory in 8th, when Hawks' starter Nagisa Arakaki, who gave up three runs on nine hits over seven innings, was replaced by reliever Yasushi Kamiuchi by Oh's quick decision. But the Fukuoka's winning-game had been burst out by three Hawks including closer Koji Mise, who was belted a back-to-back game-winnig three-run homer by Dragon Tyrone Woods, 8-5.

The 2nd day, Hawks Starter Tsuyoshi Wada had a day and made the complete game in a 12-2 triumph. All Oh did was to smile without moving.

The 3rd day, pinch-hitter Takayuki Onishi's extra-inning RBI and closer Hitoki Iwase's one-hit save gave the first interleague-series-win for Dragons in 4-3 victory. Luis Martinez started dragon debut to allow three-run homer to Hawks Nobuhiko Matsunaka in the bottom of the first, but threw strong pitches giving up no run in last seven innings. He seemed to be larger than he looked, I felt, and to become one of the rotation members for Dragons.

In this series, Ochiai had a momemtum, but next time nobody knows.

match results:

Chunichi 8-5 Softbank (27 May)

Chunichi 2-12 Softbank (28 May)

Chunichi 4-3 Softbank (29 May)*
*10th inning

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The channel of NHK BS1 broadcast the MLB games which were the three of the four-game series of Chicago White Sox at Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim on 23-25 May (local time). To be impressive for me, pitchers of both teams had been making good performances.

The 1st day, rookie pitcher Ervin Santana finished the first victory by the shut-out game for Anaheim, in which Tadahito Iguchi had two of five hits Santana allowed. For me, this may be the first time to see Iguchi play. He is former Fukuoka Daie Hawks player whom I have no chance to see around the place I live in. It'll be one of the reasons that I'm not interested in Fukuoka's team. That's why I'm not a Iguchi's fan.

The 2nd day, Mark Beuhrle and Bartolo Colon, both pitcher allowed one run each to end the 9th inning. In the middle of the extra-inning, the VHS tape I recorded on was ended, because I had failed to set the end recording time. It was needless to say that Iguchi's game-winning double could't be seen at all.

The 3rd day, Freddy Garcia limited two runs to hand in the two-run lead to reliever Damaso Marte. Closer Dustin Hermanson to relieve Marte threw the first ball, as my tape stoped to record the game. Oh my...

Anaheim, which I've been to by homestay 10 years ago when Hideo Nomo joined the LA Dodgers first time, has disabled lists of Vladimir Guerrero and Francisco Rodriguez, but the 4th day, beat White Sox to tie the series. Now Anaheim Angels(27-20) is American league west-division co-leader with Texas Rangers, and Chicago White Sox(33-15) leads Minnesota Twins by 5 games in American league central-division.

match results:

Chicago 0-4 Anaheim (23 May)

Chicago 2-1 Anaheim (24 May)*
*11th innning

Chicago 4-2 Anaheim (25 May)

Chicago 2-3 Anaheim (26 May)*
*not on BS1

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With my wife and our son, I went to Tokyo Race Course in Fuchu to watch 18 three-year-old fillies of Oaks, the grade one race, on last Sunday 22 May. The day was strong sunlight but blewed wind a few, we felt comfortable to picnic on the grass going to inside the track course. The turf course JRA specially offered for the atendances was the one for the jump racing, and seemed to be over 10 centimeters long, so we were frolicking on the grass like big cushion.

I don't understand traditionaly Keiba, the horse racing, is thought to be the image of evil in Japan, because Keiba is connected with one of the gambles as a bad thing to spoil children, however I can say that yesterday, inside the track, the families with children were seen to enjoy the atmosphere around racing horses with smile and happiness. They knew these were the parts of Keiba, I thought. 

Cesario, the favorite, who was named after the character in Shakespear's "Twelfth Night", got the winning goal on jocky Yuichi Fukunaga, who got on the Ouka-syo, grade one race, winner Rheinkraft not but on Cesario. But like the play, Cesario had won the love of him once again to finish her happy ending as well as almost people wished.

Anyway, Oaks of this year was a wonderful racing. The favorite claimed the summit. People outside the track might celebrate her and her partner with smile and happiness. Speaking for me, I was thinking about it, "Oh, Jadeit...".

race result:

66th Oaks (22 May)
G1, 2400M, turf, at TOKYO Racecourse

1.Cesario #4 Yuichi Fukunaga, Katsuhiko Sumii 02:28:8
2.Air Messiah #5 Yutaka Take, Yuji Ito +0.0(by neck)
3.Dia de la Novia #9 Kent Desormeaux, Katsuhiko Sumii +0.1

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For last a few years, Yokozuna Asashoryu has dominated the world of Sumo and is doing Natsu-Basho now be held. Last Friday, the 6th day, one of the most famous by-players quited the entry of it due to the waste injury. Ozeki Kaio, during the Grand Sumo Tournament, he is the center of the topics in my office.

Not because he is as old as I am, but because he is coming from the same junior high as my boss I work with, who was born in Nogata, east of Fukuoka, at least thirty years faster than Kaioh, so we employee are fan to watch the employer in front of TV being rubbed whether the Ozeki wins or not. When Kaio gets a win, he gets a bottle of sake all laugh. Despite the loss, however, he drinks it grunting angrily. It makes us very very funny.

My boss is a member of the Kaio's Kohen-kai, or his supporting club, which is organized by people living in Nogata. Before a championship, he sticks a paper of the Banzuke-hyo, or the ranking sheet the club sent on the wall. under the opening he turns on the TV interrupting the work. But his and our wonderful days are over.

Next tournament is back on July, but I don't know whether Kaio will be back healthy.

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** Translating the page of 9 May 2005 into English, I introduced it to you.

Having age of thirties and a baby of boy, I'd been looking for chances to use English that I studied AGAIN with a lot of diligence. It's not easy for me to go abroad, however, I'm not so frank to talk to foreigners I faced in my town. One day, I'd droped carefully into the place that I'd known called WEBLOG. Don't be too hard on me please.(^^;

Telling you what I am in English should not be given up immediately, you know. Then I hoped that I could write freely about my favorite sports I had enjoyed at the playgrounds or in front of the television (because there are a lot of things I speak about them). If I exchange people who love teames I also love for the opinion each other, and finally progress my English, I'm very happy !!

I know nothing about blog yet. Stepping forward to give pressure to myself, I wonder what happen in future, but I'm excited. It's like a game nobody knows how ends at last.

Well, here we go, PLAYBALL !  KICK OFF ?  READY GO !!

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それでは、プレイボール! キックオフ? ヨーイ、ドン!!


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