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San Antonio Spurs had gotten the series of NBA Finals, 4-3, over Detroit Pistons to win the three-time NBA title which Spurs lifted first since 2003 against NY Nets. I tried to think in my own way where victory or defeat of both teams had divided.

It had been said both San Antonio and Detoirt were defensive teams, so you could say that one team to get the initiative of the game defeated another. In Game 1, Detorit was too defensive, in a word, little of field-goal-attempts to go for victory. Pistons might have already lost series-momentum in that time.

SA:5 starters 31/69 FG, 2/14 3G, 16 TO in Gm1
DET:5 starters 25/60 FG, 1/5 3G, 13 TO in Gm1

In Game 2, Ginobili and Bowen of Spurs made eight 3-pointers to destroy Pistons in early period. In Game 3 thanks to Ginobili's short playing-time, defending-champ adjusted aggressiveness to get first win. In Game 4 and 5, sixth-man each made marvelous performances to lead victory for each team. Robert Horry, San Antonio's sixth-man has many experiences in NBA Finals, I don't think, however, that he did his jobs through the series. In the point of being impressive, Lindsey Hunter of Detroit also did them.

In Game 6, thanks to Spur's bad offences, Pistons tied series, but in last game Chauncey Billups of Piston had become lack of gas to stop Detoit's dream of consecutive wins. San Antonio Spurs were worth winning the NBA Final Trophy. I want, however, to see the team to beat them next season.

series results:

Detroit 69-84 San Antonio (9 Jun)
*DET;R.Wallace 4pts, 2/5 FG

Detroit 76-97 San Antonio (12 Jun)
*SA;M.Ginobili and B.Bowen 42pts, 8/13 3G
*DET;0/6 team 3G; 26pts from bench

San Antonio 79-96 Detroit (14 Jun)
*SA;M.Ginobili 28mins, 12pts
*DET;B.Wallace 15pts, 7/10 FG

San Antonio 71-102 Detroit (16 Jun)
*SA;team Turn-over 18
*DET;L.Hunter and A.McDyess from bench 30pts

San Antonio 96-95 Detroit (19 Jun)
*SA;OT win; R.Horry from bench 21pts, 5/6 3G
*DET;C.Billups 34pts

Detroit 95-86 San Antonio (21 Jun)
*SA;team TO 12
*DET;R.Wallace 24 mins

Detroit 71-84 San Antonio (23 Jun)
*SA;Duncan 25pts, 10/27 FG; team 3G 7/11
*DET;C.Billups 13pts; R.Wallace 28 mins


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