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This year again, Suzuka's Saturday was in rain condition, but not typhoon. The regulation of 2005 confirmes a quarifying order to enter into the circuit, so in rainy surface, its order decides the outcome. Saturday quarifying result in Suzuka, Japan named Ralf Schumacher of Toyota the pole-position following Jenson Button of BAR-Honda as second ahead third place Giancarlo Fisichella of Renault. But Sunday afternoon win went to none of them. The winner had come from the 17th grid, McLaren-Mercedes-Benz, Kimi Raikkonen.

The Finn put into the range to pass Ferrari's Michael Schumacher with going just a front Fernando Alonso of Renault after a safty-car which entered the circuit due to Raikkonen's teammate Juan Pablo Montoya's crush in 1st lap was gone. Some laps later, Raikkonen made success in passing over German last champ following Spaniard new champion.

While top runnners, Toyota's Schumacher and Button failed pit-strategy, Raikkonen had more speed than any other drivers to stand the top remaining less than 10 laps. But Finn went to the pit as Fisichella was transferred top. Mercedes-Benz' speed was proven at that time when Raikkonenn passed Italian just one lap to end before he recieved the chequered flag as top position.

McLaren's Dramatic win may be one of the most exciting Grand Prix I've ever seen. You have a lot of Suzuka legends so far, but this year Suzuka had made another legend, I think.

race result:

FIA, formula one 2005, 18th round
Japanese Grand Prix (9 Oct)

1. Kimi Raikkonenn, Finland, McLaren-Mercedes-Benz, 01:29:02:212(53 laps)
2. Giancarlo Fisichella, Italy, Renault, +1.633
3. Fernando Alonso, Spain, Renault, +17.456



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