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His 7th win was collected at Nakayama, where he had five wins including two G2 races, when Matsurida Gogh made long shot in JRA Arima-kinen, the Grand Prix on Sunday. Meisho Samson, the race favorite lost sight in the rear.

Katsumi Ando on the filly Daiwa Scarlet made the effective lap for her and might have showed the most valuable performance although she allowed the son of Sunday Silence onboarding Masayoshi Ebina turning around the place. The daughter of Agnes Tachyon repelled her brother Daiwa Major, who was retiring with five big titles before keeping the second place as a female horse since 1994's Hishi Amazon.

Hope both Matsurida Gogh's new adventure and Daiwa Scarlet's big ambitious coming year.

race result:

52nd Arima-kinen (23 Dec)
G1, 2500M, turf, at NAKAYAMA Racecourse

1.Matsurida Gogh #3 Masayoshi Ebina, Sakae Kunieda, 2:33:6
2.Daiwa Scarlet #7 Katsumi Ando, Kunihide Matsuda, +0.2
3.Daiwa Major #4 Hiroyuki Uehara, Mirco Demuro, +0.6


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We had found that horses except a winner, Meisho Samson, could not show the best performances in Tenno-sho last October when we saw Daiwa Major's win in last week's Mile Championship and Admire Moon's win on Sunday's Japan Cup at sunny Tokyo Racecourse where I stood. Therefore the End Sweep's son had accomplished three difference distance's big titels over multi-G1 winners Daiwa Major or Meisho Samson, who was the favorite Sunday to finish the third.

The new owner Chikara Takahashi, the representative of Darley Japan Farm, saied the bay's retirement before the Grand Prix Arima-kinen. Admire Moon's second life too early is regrettable but a lot of his sons and daughters will run around the world's racecourse, I hope.

race result:

27th Japan Cup (25 Nov)
G1, 2400M, turf, at TOKYO Racecourse

1.Admire Moon #4 Yasunari Iwata, Hiroyoshi Matsuda, 2:24:7
2.Pop Rock #2 Olivier Peslier, Katsuhiko Sumii, + head
3.Meisho Samson #10 Yutaka Take, Shigetada Takahashi, + neck
4.Vodka #11 Hirofumi Shii, Katsuhiko Sumii, +0.2
5.Delta Blues #18 Yuga Kawada, Katsuhiko Sumii, +0.4
6.Chosan #5 Norihiro Yokoyama, Toshiaki Shimizu, +0.5


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The last of JRA's triple-crown races this year is not with Derby winner, who is filly to advence to Shuka-sho at Kyoto two weeks earlier, finishing third. The second placed horse in the Derby, who had finished by four lengths and the long-shot, wins Kikka-sho. Asakusa Kings, the 4th favorite today, showed the best colt but nobody would consent it.

The son of White Muzzle could not perform satisfying action in June's Takarazuka-kinen, the 15th, but have been given the fate to defeat Vodka as a G1 horse. The chance waits him twice even this fall. It is a hard and winding road but he is expected to challenge it. Off course I'll give him yell.

race result:

68th Kikka-sho (21 Oct)
G1, 3000M, turf, at KYOTO Racecourse

1.Asakusa Kings #10 Ryuji Okubo, Hirofumi Shii, 3:05:1
2.Al Nasrain #12 Shigeki Matsumoto, Ryuji Wada, +head
3.Roc de Cambes #4 Noriyuki Hori, Yuichi Shibayama, +0.2
4.Eishin Dardman #5 Ryuji Okubo, Koichi Tsunoda, +0.4
5.Dream Journey #16 Yasutoshi Ikee, Yutaka Take, +0.5


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Takarazuka-kinen 2007 is one of the best of dream match I know. Five JRA G1 winners this spring stood at the turf of the Hanshin Racecourse, who were Meisho Samson of Tenno-sho, Vadka of Nippon Derby, Daiwa Major of Yasuda-kinen, Shadow Gate of Singapore Airline International Cup and Admire Moon of Dubai Duty Free. Out of them, Vadka was race favorite but finished the 8th on good condition under the rain when Admoire Moon won first G1 in Japan after touring Dubai and Hong Kong.

The son of late End Sweep had left a job to fly oversea, defeating same age rivel Meisho Samson. Last spring he had given the son of Opera House two big titles but they had never met autumn afterward. One to bring the first big title in the Middle East Asia, another to pile up the third title this spring. Today's winner was the colt onboard Jockey Yasunari Iwata, because unfortunately Jockey Mamoru Ishibashi's horse spearheaded faster on the way of last stretch. It is loath to state that the match between them decided it.

There is a chance that their next fight will be not in Japan but on the strange soil. It sounds great and make me happy.

race result:

48th Takarazuka-kinen (24 Jun)
G1, 2200M, turf, at HANSHIN Racecourse

1. Admire Moon #6 Yasunari Iwata, Hiroyoshi Matsuda, 2:12:04
2. Meisho Samson #17 Mamoru Ishibashi, Shigetada Takahashi, +0.1
3. Pop Rock #5 Yutaka Take, Katsuhiko Sumii, +0.4
4. Admire Fuji #9 Yuichi Fukunaga, Mitsuru Hashida, +0.5


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The second winner of the grade-one race that established for over 4-year-old mares last year by JRA was the 12th pick in 18 horses when Koiuta won the Victoria Mile at the renewal Tokyo Racecourse Sunday. It was Jockey Masami Matsuoka's fine-play who led bravely the Fujikiseki's daughter to the rough inside others Jk hesitated into. The race favorite Kawakami Princess falt down the 10th place probably due to shaking during six months.

It was first time to win the big race for the 22-year-old Jockey and the 34-year-old Trainer and the Owner of singer as well as the 4-year-old mare, who was named commemorating one of the popular songs that her owner, Kiyoshi Maekawa possessed. Fresh faces will make the horse-racing exciting and interesting. Especially Jockey Matsuoka is expected long-shots the rest of G1 races at Tokyo.

On fragrantly breezing May, let's go out the park of the Horse Racing !

race result:

2nd Victoria Mile (13 May)
G1, 1600M, turf, at TOKYO Racecourse

1.Koiuta #4 Masami Matsuoka, Masashi Okuhira, 1:32:5
2.Asahi Rising #3 Yoshitomi Shibata, Masaaki Koga, +0.1
3.Daring Heart #16 Shinji Fujita, Hideaki Fujiwara, +0.1

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But little of people did them when Victory aboard Katsuharu Tanaka made a long-shot escape to win Satsuki-sho, the first race of JRA's Japanese triple crown races, at Nakayama Racecourse Sunday. Winning jockey Tanaka was the first big race victory since Yasuda-kinen in 1992 while winning trainer Hidetaka Otonashi deserved the second G1 title this season. Sun Zeppelin finished the second by nose, overtaking the winner before receiving the fight-back. Unbeaten horse, Fusaichi Ho O rushed the two horses from the rear side but didn't reach by nose with the third, which was same place as his farther Jungle Pocket six years ago.

Race favorite, Admire Aura and Yutaka Take onboard advanced on the way watching the second pick of the Fusaichi and Ando but had the result behind the rival. The owner Riichi Kondo had to accept a disgrace given by the other side owner Fusaro Sekiguchi followed last year. Kondo, however, might have happy half in his mind because he stood in the winning photo session after the victory ceremony along with Victory's owner Eiko Kondo, his wife.

Watching Victory's escape win, I remembered Sunny Brian 10 years ago when the Brians Time's colt, same as Victory, surpassed the rushing horses including the favorite by slight defference. And he escaped again to win the next race, Japanese Derby, in little evaluation. Victory and Tanaka's road to the Derby is same as the predecessors, I don't know.

race result:

67th Satsuki-sho (15 Apr)
G1, 2000M, turf, at NAKAYAMA Racecourse

1.Victory #17 Katsuharu Tanaka, Hidetaka Otonashi, 1:59:9
2.Sun Zeppelin #9 Masami Matsuoka, Makoto Saito, by nose
3.Fusaichi Ho O #1 Katsumi Ando, Kunihide Matsuda, by nose
4.Admire Aura #15 Yutaka Take, Hiroyoshi Matsuda, +0.2
*Horeses Above Automatically Deserved the Entry of Nippon Derby on 27 May

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Japanese horse Admire Moon finally became a G1 winner in the world when the 4-year-colt won Dubai Duty Free at Nad Al Sheba last Saturday, Dubai World Cup Day. Irish Linngari finished the second ahead of Daiwa Major of Japan, the third place.

In United Arab Emirates, you can not bet what is winner, so nobody knows who is the favorite but about the race, Japanese fans must have expected more for Daiwa Major than Admire Moon, who had been defeated by the 6-yer-colt in Japan's Emperor Cup last October. Afterward, Trainer Hiroyoshi Matsuda made decision to fly to a Hong Kong's International race, not big races in mother soil. This was effective enough to finish the second in Hong Kong Cup past last year's winner Vengeance Of Rain, who won Dubai Sheema Classic, 2400M, just before Dubai Duty Free.

Now after farewell to Deep Impact, Japanese had had new star horse. As well as horses testing Dubai on this day, I expect more Japnese horses surprise the world this year.

race result:

Dubai Duty Free (31 Mar)
G1, 1777M, turf, at NAD AL SHEBA Racecource

1.Admire Moon #10 Yutaka Take, Hiroyoshi Matsuda, 1:47:94
2.Linngari #16 Kevin Shea, Herman Brown, by 1/2
3.Daiwa Major #13 Katsumi Ando, Hiroyuki Uehara, by 4 3/4

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Deep Impact, the 6th triple crown horse in Japan, won Arima-kinen at Nakayama Racecourse Sunday. The Arima-kinen title was the seventh G1 win for the 4-year-old colts, who stands most G1 wins with Shimbori Rudolf and T.M.Operaoh. Deep Impact set to quit racing horse before JRA held the farewell ceremony for future legend with owner Makoto Kaneko, trainer Yasuo Ikee, jockey Yutaka Take and twelve thousand fans in front there. It was very very happy moment on Christmas Eve.

It was last year's Wakagoma-stakes, the second race for Deep Impact, that I felt him special, but I thought it suspicious when "Deep" met olders after earning the triple crown. My doubt seemed to be right when Heart's Cry, no G1 holder at that time, defeated Deep Impact last Arima-kinen. But into 2006, Deep Impact performed his strength in Hanshin-daisyoten on March when he changed the gear faster at the third to fourth corner before the stretch to catch up with the top from one in the last. Watching this race winning, I was sure that no enemy was in Japan. Then at Longchamp on October, Deep Impact and on- boarding Take seemed to run for the victory first time in his carrier as Take put him in front more than usual in Japan. That was much impressed me even after watching his last-run.

Thank you, Deep Impact. Show us many sons and daughters resembling him into the turf.

race result:

51st Arima-kinen (24 Dec)
G1, 2500M, turf, at NAKAYAMA Racecourse

1.Deep Impact #4 Yutaka Take, Yasuo Ikee, 2:31:9
2.Pop Rock #1 Olivier Peslier, Katsuhiko Sumii, +0.5
3.Daiwa Major #5 Katsumi Ando, Hiroyuki Uehara, +0.6
4.Dream Passport #3 Hiroyuki Uchida, Hiroyoshi Matsuda, +0.6

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Yutaka Take on-boarding Admire Moon tried to catch up with French horse Pride through the way the French mare found but the Japanese colt was slightly edged out by head at Sha Tin in Hong Kong Cup Sunday. Pride, who was famous to Japanese as the runner-up past Deep Impact on Take in Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe 2006, was honored as a winner of Hong Kong Cup after having finished 2nd last year. Holder home horse, Vengeance Of Rain, finished the 3rd as Japanese mare, Dia de la Novia, ended the 7th place.

Admire Moon, who is a sun of late sire End Sweep, was not blessed with G1 titles despite the favorite on April's Japanese 2000 guineas, Satsuki-syo. Three-year-old horse and thirtyseven-year-old jockey couldn't achieve the revenge for the retiring Japanese star horse but it is not wrong that Admire Moon will be one of promising horses surporting JRA next year.

In Japan, you waiting for this year's last G1, Arima-kinen, on Christmas Eve, I'm wanting for fresh busters over Deep Impact. That must be what is the real farewell for the leaving.

race result:

Hong Kong Cup (10 Dec)
G1, 2000M, turf, at SHA TIN Racecourse

1.Pride #8 Christoph Lemaire, Alain de Royer-Dupre, 2:01:60
2.Admire Moon #7 Yutaka Take, Hiroyoshi Matsuda, by shorthead
3.Vengeance Of Rain #1 Anthony Delpech, David Ferraris, +0.3

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Visiting the cyte of Japan Racing Associaton, I was surprised at watching a race movie when Japanese Delta Blues and Jockey Yasunari Iwata won the Melbourne Cup at Flemington Racecourse, Australia, where the winning trainer Katuhiko Sumii also sent out Pop Rock, who finished the 2nd by a head of the fellow. The favorite Tawqeet of USA, who beat Delta Blues in Caulfield Cup(G1) last month, sank down the 19th.

The result of Japanese one-two-finish in overseas G1 race was as incredibly nice as Agnes Digital and Eishin Preston did the same thing at Hong Kong in 2002. Delta Blues, who won five times including G1 Kikka-syo two years ago with Iwata, is not so special in Japan recent days. Same as Pop Rock, who has never entered G1 races in Japan but on this day had more population than Delta Blues maybe due to home Jockey Damien Oliver onboard.

The trainer Sumii, who deserved last July's American Oaks(G1) in Hollywood Park with Cesario, embodies a mind of the right stuff in the right place. It's marvelous!

race result:

Melbourne Cup (7 Nov)
G1, 3200M, turf, handicap, at FLEMINGTON Racecourse

1.Delta Blues #2, 56kg Yasunari Iwata, Katsuhiko Sumii, 3:21:47
2.Pop Rock #12, 53kg Damien Oliver, Katsuhiko Sumii, +0.03
3.Maybe Better #23, 50kg Chris Munce, Brian Mayfield-Smith, +0.71
4.Zipping #13, 52.5kg Glen Boss, Graem Rogerson, +0.96


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