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On the way in the season, NHK gives us England Premiership's games who make me happy. UEFA Champions League's Grope Stage winners, Arsenal and Chelsea met at Emirates Stadium as London Derby on the 17th Day of the League Sunday.

Ending the first half, Chelsea's goalkeeper Petr Cech unbelievablely couldn't touch the ball from Cesc Fabregas' corner when former Chelsea player William Gallas' header made a precious lead. Entering the second half, Defense of boast both sides shined more before the Gunners extend the points, 40, by five with the Blues.

Arsenal's coach Arsene Wenger showed me the renewal team from which striker Thierry Henry had left. It is marvellos! It attracted me that Wenger realized the strategy moving ball and players over the field toward the goal. Hope Arsenal and others entertain me more in the season and Europe.

match result:

England Premiership 07-08
17th Day (16 Dec)

Chelsea 0-1 Arsenal

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Giving the opponent two away-goals, the home team came from behind to reach closer the final at Athens when Wayne Rooney struck twice in the second half to help Manchester United beat Milan at Old Trafford in the first leg of UEFA Champions League Semifinals. The United had won in the law against the Italian club following Roma in the Quarterfinals at home.

The away team put on the skipper of Brazilian Kaka behind Alberto Gilardino of lone striker, who seemed little sense of existence, but the attack worked well as Kaka denied Cristiano Ronaldo's opener from the corner and found the second precious away-goal with wonderful speed to lead for good.

The leader on the Premiereship table kept domination during the game but couldn't enter Milan's catenatio.  As a result, Rooney's equalizer into the second half was so controvercial as he might have been called off-side by other referee if. It was real, however, that his second strike ending the game was enought to give a hope for Sir Alex Ferguson's side and another game-plan for Carlo Ancelotti's side each other.

The United now has a lot of injured players, lack of which may help Milan grab the ticket for the Final with away-goal at Manchester next leg. Just for exciting game, I expect.

match result:

UEFA Champions League 06-07
Semifinals, 1st leg (24 Apr)

Milan 2-3 Manchester Utd
(0-1)05'  RONALDO
(1-1)22'  KAKA
(2-1)37'  KAKA
(2-2)59'  ROONEY
(2-3)90'+ ROONEY

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Roma is real. Substitute Mirko Vucinic quickly reacted Mancini's shot that United's keeper Edwin van der Sar blocked when Roma beat Premiership leader Manchester United in the 1st leg of UEFA Champions League Quarterfinals last Tuesday. Roman crowd at Stadio Olimpico might be frustrated by the agglutinative situation in the first half that did not changed after the England side's skipper Paul Scholes was sent off by second yellow with 34 minutes to play. But thounderous attack was made when Brazilian midfielder Rodrigo Taddei carried Mancini's cross from the left into the net for Roma at ending the half.

Roma's key was midfielders' dynamo including forword Francesco Totti as a ball rolled well among them into the second. In a while, United's key was Cristiano Ronaldo's breakthrough as the Portuguese drove more freaqently appearing in both sides. And, precious away-goal by Wayne Rooney was produced by Ronaldo. Roma's coach Luciano Spalletti decided next option for attack, not for draw when Montenegro striker Vucinic immediately replaced one of midfielders, Christian Wilhelmsson. And some minutes later, a winning goal that gave Roma more confidence.

I watched Roma's game putting on for years and most enjoyed the match. I pray for the good fight at Old Trafford next week, although being deprived the chance to see it. 

match result:

UEFA Champions League 06-07
Quarterfinals (4 Apr)

Manchester Utd 1-2 Roma
(0-1)44' TADDEI
(1-1)60' ROONEY
(1-2)66' VUCINIC

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Green and white stripes crowd at Celtic Park waving when Shunsuke Nakamura curled a free-kick into the net at nine minutes left. The Scotish side's victory over the Engilsh side Manchester United quarified the birth of last sixteens at the match day 5 of UEFA Champions League.

Like match day 1 at Old Tradfford, the United dominated gradually the field to create the chance at first half but attackers including matchday one's man-of-the-match Louis Saha wasted it delivering Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes. Celtic coach Gordon Strachan put on right midfielder Nakamura at the left to limit attacks from Cristiano Ronaldo, but moved the Japanese to the usual position into the second as the Portuguese came back to life to threaten the Celtic. Such a powerful red dominance. Ronald and the visitors rolled comfortably but finished wide and offside calls when Reds coach Sir Alex Ferguson moved nothing yet for the United, who had gone through the group stage in even draw this night.

Edwin van der Sar streching to the left, Nakamura broke the deadlock to stun Reds again. That was one and only chance to score for Celtic in the second. The home team, however, had long and winding road to win. Three minutes to end, Neil Lennon fouled Scholes to force Ronald's free-kick in front of the box, which was as same a point as Nakamura made success. Ronald hit the wall but the referee called Shaun Maloney's handling to point the penalty spot. The rest job was Saha. Celtic goalkeeper Artur Boruc was another hero this night. The Polish keeper saved superbly French striker's ball just when Celtic beat the United to confirmed going through the group. The United and Benfica will chase last quarification at Manchester on last matchday, 6 December.

match result:

UEFA Champions League 06-07
Group F, Match Day 5 (21 Nov)

Manchester Utd 0-1 Celtic
*Celtic into Final Phase Next Feb.
*15/Dec. Draw Gives Celtic a Tie with Milan in 1st KOR

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Spain and England Champion had three streak meeting in UEFA Champions League when Barcelona was welcomed by Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on the 3rd match day of the group stage. Home striker Didier Drogba, who was sidelined due to a slight brain concussion for last couple minutes of the first half, fired an Ashley Cole's pass in front of the box to break the deadlock starting second. The Blues kept the top of the group A with the maximum point while the Euro champ stayed four points with Bremen remaining three games.

Chelsea, who sent out the 3rd goalkeeper Henrique Hilario because of Petr Cech and Carlo Cudicini both injured, held well the Barca's skipper learning from the lesson of the past when a left-sideback Khalid Boulahrouz and a left of the diamond Michael Essien took care of Ronaldinho. New striker Andrly Shevchenko and new top of the diamond Michael Ballack wasn't awake and might seemingly need time to fit.

Barcelona, who had been serious lack of Samuel Eto'o this season and put former Chelsea player Eidur Gudjohnsen on Eto'o's place, wasn't able to show explosive power seen last season with away orange shirt. It was not only absence of Eto'o but fatigue Ronaldinho seemingly. Lionel Messi shined sometimes but produced nothing to level to end the game.

However it's true that this tie is fan to watch as well as last two seasons. I expect Barca's strikeback at Camp Nou two weeks later.

match result:

UEFA Champions League 06-07
Group A, Match Day 3 (18 Oct)

Barcelona 0-1 Chelsea

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Shunsuke Nakamura and Celtic FC, who leads the Scotish Premier League after playing six games this season, stood at Old Trafford in the first group stage match of UEFA Champions League. Manchester United, who is now on the top of the four played English Premiership table, declared to have the right of Euro Champ when the Reds earned a 3-2 win with Louis Saha's double and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's third goal. But the Celtic had threatened the United enough.

Yan Vennegoor of Hesselink, new comer Dutchman recieved from GK Artur Boruc's punt past Reds defender Rio Ferdinand and fired opennig goal past countryman Edwin Van der Sar. Minutes later Boruc touched Ryan Giggs in the box and was called penalty before Saha made it for the United. Gradually the English team controlled the field when Paul Scholes fed Saha to lead the game. Thomas Gravesen worked hard as new hearts of Scots team but no one supplemented his part in the Dane's losing the ball. Saha's second and Solskjaer's winner both was produced by such a situation. But Nakamura save the Celtic when the Japanese curled over the wall on the edge of the United box. Van der Sar just looked the equalizer into the net. The game went to rally to end the half.

After the Norwegian's goal in the start of the second, Vennegoor, Gravesen and Nakamura were fighting cooly with superbly organized United but the Celtic had little chance to level until the end of the game. I wish that the Scotish team survives the group stage as long as possible and go through it. Good Luck, Nakamura and the Celtic!

match result:

UEFA Champions League 06-07
Group F, Match Day 1 (13 Sep)

Celtic 2-3 Manchester Utd
(1-0)21' VENNEGOOR
(1-1)30' SAHA(p)
(2-1)40' SAHA
(2-2)43' NAKAMURA
(2-3)47' SOLSKJAER

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It was sorry of me that Arsenal goalkeeper Jens Lehmann had been sent off the turf due to trapping Barcelona striker Samuel Eto'o out of the box at midway through the 1st in the Final of UEFA Champions League. Although substitute goalie Manuel Almunia, who replaced midfielder Robert Pires, denied a scoring chance that Brazilian Ronaldinho tried, I wondered if, as almost all spectators expected, it'd be going to the way of the English club's defending the Spanish club's fierce attacks.

It appeared that Frank Rijkaard's men had dominated the field since 10-man Arsenal. But once Arsene Wenger's men could possese the ball, they gradually carried it toward the shooting range. It came the time nobody believed when Arsenal defender Sol Campbell's header from Tiery Henry found the target past helpless Victor Valdes. People all over the world including Parisien at Stade de France were given the most exciting result in the events that it could happen. All I was interested in was how Barcelona would make a chance to score under the Arsenal's statistic to put eight men except Henry on their own box.

Into the 2nd, at 15 minutes to end, there was a person running into Arsenal area at the same time as the ball was rolling toward substitution Henrik Larsson in the box. I thought the Cameroonean was off-side when the Swede gave it him. But it was not called as Barcelona finally tied the game, 1-1. For the Gunners, there wasn't left any gas to lead the game again while, some minutes later since the Blaugrana equalized, sub Brazilian Belletti run into the right side of the box shooted it from Larsson. It was the moment that Barcelona deserved a 2-1 comeback win over Arsenal.

Now that Barcelona has had a ticket to fly to Japan next December when they will play at TOYOTA CUP. Before that, FIFA World Cup Germany is coming. I'm looking forward to a lot of exciting plays by finalists including Zico JAPAN.

match result:

UEFA Champions League 05-06
Final at Stade de France, Paris (17 May)

Barcelona 2-1 Arsenal
(0-1)37' CAMPBELL
(1-1)76' ETO'O
(2-1)81' BELLETTI

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Barca never stopped attcking football during 180 minutes. Barcelona beat Milan with 1-0 on aggregate to advance to Final of UEFA Champions League at Stade de Prince, Paris. In the 1st leg, Brazilian Ronaldinho made the difference to create Frenchman Ludovic Giuly's shot on target before the Spanish club went back home with a precious away-win.

At Nou Camp in Barcelona, Milan was aggressive for at least two goals. Brazilian Kaka made a shot wide at opening seconds of 1st from near the defenceline where he recieved the ball, while in defence, Dutch defender Jaap Stam checking Ronaldinho at the right side helped Alessandro Costacruta and Kakha Kaladze on central. That was the same plan for the Italian team as the 1st leg at San Siro in Milan. Offence and defence changed quickly. It was like repeating counterattacks each other. I felt clock turning faster than any other matchup.

Into the 2nd half, Brazilian Belletti swung wide in the decisive situation and Swede substitute Henrik Lasson's header came to the front of Milan's Brazilian goalie Dida. On the other hand, Filippo Inzaghi's head couldn't find the target and Ukrainean striker Andriy Shevchenko's header was denied by Barcelona keeper Victor Valdes. Time went by without Frank Rijkaard's lead changing anything as Brazilian Cafu and Portuguese Manuel Rui Costa and striker Alberto Gilardino replaced for Milan one after another. Finally, Barcelona deserved a win against the team which had been defeated 12 years ago in CL Final.

After the match was finished as if it was a Brazilian reunion, Barcelona goes toward Paris on 17 May to face Arsenal led by French coach Arsene Wenger.

match result:

UEFA Champions League 05-06
Semi Finals

Barcelona 1-0 Milan (18 Apr)

Milan 0-0 Barcelona (26 Apr)
*Barcelona Going to Final against Arsenal in Paris

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Unbelievable. It's my first witness for him. Barcelona skipper Ronaldinho failed it after a Benfica defenceman handled the ball in the penalty box at the 1st half of an UEFA Champions League semifinal's second leg. Blocked it by Portuguese side GK Moretto, the Brazilian seemed serious and nervous. But Barca wasn't a team that depend on Ronaldihno at all.

Frank Rijkaart's attackers spurked at 19 minutes of the 1st when Henrik Larsson avoided a ball that Samuel Eto'o sent to reach to the left side player. There was Ronaldinho carrying it to the net in being aproached the defence. The away-goal rule didn't make the spanish side take a breath yet. Having dominated the field all into the 2nd half, Ronald Kouman's side couldn't make a chance but offsides. Italian striker Fabrizio Miccoli was called offsides in the game but created the away-goal chances twice. At over 15 mins of the 2nd, Simao recieved it from the Italian but the shot far from the post under the pressure of goalkeeper Victor Valdes. At end of the game, the Greece Giorgios Karagounis' middle outside the box found the net through Miccoli's squating down but Valdes touched it out. Right after that, the ball Eto'o stealed near halfway led Ronaldinho, substitute Ludovic Giuly and Eto'o again. The Cameroonean in the box sent the net past Moretto to let fans feel relieved. Barcelona advanced to the semifinal match which is scheduled on 18 and 26 April.

Ronaldinho showed the high performance when giving it from right side to left side Guily in the 2nd goal situation. Although he seemed fatigue and bad-conditioned, Ronaldinho makes me feel marvellous. GRAET !!

match results:

UEFA Champions League 05-06
Quarter Finals

Barcalona 0-0 Benfica (29 Mar)

Benfica 0-2 Barcelona (6 Apr)
*Barcelona into the Semifinals against Milan

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The spectacles of being hard to believe jumped into my eyes, bad surface at Stamford Bridge, a blues' Asier Del Horno's sent-off and a goalscoring by own-goal each. And header by Samuel Eto'o gave Barcelona a huge away-win over Chelsea in the 1st leg of the UEFA Champions League's first knockout round. The two teams, who had met here each other last tournament, were said to be same 4-3-3 formation but it was invisible to me at such way.

The English Champion had a problem. Michael Essien had been suspended two games in CL and coach Jose Mourinho placed Eidur Gudjohnsen for Essien this night. I was surprised to see him show his talent as a footballer as much as play on central midfield. Mourinho's plan, however, was broken when Norwegian referee Terje Hauge called Del Horno's charge against Lionel Messi a red-card at 1st half. After John Terry's own goal in the 2nd, the London club started to allow free space to play on the left side where Messi and playmaker Ronaldinho made a chance to score. And to a Cameroonean header.

The Spanish Champion changed usual formation. Coach Frank Rijkaards selected another option lone striker Eto'o to place Thiago Motta next to Edmilson to enrich central midfield. Behind the game by Motta's own goal, Swede striker Henrik Larsson went out there for Motta and Ronaldinho moved from the right area to the left where the Brazilian confused blue defences with Messi. And to a Cameroonean header.

I don't know where the tie's winner goes. What had happend to Chelsea might happen to Barcelona. I wouldn't witness the ending somehow but am looking forward to it.

match result:

UEFA Champions League 05-06
First Knockout Round, 1st leg (22 Feb)

Barcelona 2-1 Chelsea
(0-1)59' own goal
(1-1)72' own goal
(2-1)80' ETO'O

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