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Argentine coach Alfio Basile, his third match this night, might have taken a breath for a while after his men beat last World Cup's runners-up France at Stade de France, Paris in FIFA friendly match. Javier Saviola exchanged it directly with Javier Zanetti at the right side of the box and struck the ball from Zanetti to Hernan Crespo, whose shot was once blocked by French keeper Gregory Coupet, into the net with fifteen minutes starting.

Lack of the Fantasista, Zinedine Zidane and Juan Roman Riquelme, France and Argentina seemed to become similar team when central field was defended confirmly and at both side was the game making. Raymond Domenech's men never excited Parisian as ,except the Barcelona striker's scoring scene, the South American made a little defference during most time. Into the second, Domenech sent Sidney Govou to the right to cooperate with Thiery Henry out of shooting range and Frank Ribery converted from the right. Surely French tempo to attack improved but wasn't enough to overcome Argentine defence in the box. It was just over after changing players was repeated as it smelled the air of the very friendly match.

France had been back to the time without Zidane, the chaos. Argentina might come back to life more if Lionel Messi or Carlos Tevez returns. In the end, thank you, NHK, for broadcasting it.

match result:

FIFA International Friendly
at Paris, France (7 Feb)

Argentina 1-0 France

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Eleven Brazilians stopped Ronaldinho, the superstar of the mother country when substitute Adriano's late goal gave Internacional a victory over Barcelona in Final of FIFA Club World Cup at Yokohama International Stadium Sunday. Brazilian club won the tournament two in a row while Barcelona was the second appearance since former Toyota Cup 1992 but missed the chance for the world title again.

It was a long ball that the South American side broke the deadlock at less than ten minutes left into the second half when Abel Braga's men succeeded in luring Barca's centerback Rafael Marquez near the halfline to create a fast-break. Iarley phisically defeated Carlos Puyol in competing flowing ball and Adriano, who replaced captain Fernandao at 31 minutes of 2nd, did the rest job past Victor Valdes into the net. Barcelona coach Frank Rijkaard replaced Xabi with Motta to show the spirit for the title but at last it ended to a reckless gamble. Ronaldinho and Deco, who was born in Brazil and was naturalized in Portugal, challenged for scoring but failed at all. For me, however, the game entertained me.

I was surprised at the fact that five of six participation teams had Brazilian players. Today, Brazilian have showed they are excellent as both an individual and a team to again all over the world.

match result:

FIFA Club World Cup Japan 2006
Final at Yokohama (17 Dec)

Internacional 1-0 Barcelona

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Young guns opened the gate of the world under water and dusk when Japan U-19 team shook off West giant Saudi Arabia U-19, 2-1, at Bangalore of India in the AFC Youth Championship. The Samurai Blue advanced to Semis against former Champ Korea Republic and clinched a ticket for FIFA World Youth Canada 2007, which had been also given the Korea, Jordan and DPR Korea.

Starting the 1st with falling rain, Japan caught first scoring chance from the right. Yosuke Kashiwagi's FK found Kazuhisa Kawahara's head to lead the game. Since it stopped raining midway through the 1st, the blue shirts still controlled the field while the green eleven couldn't approach the area just to challenge from shots outside the box or little set-plays, which was, however, acurate and dangerous.

Into the 2nd, Abdulaziz Aldawsari's spot kicks continued to give the Saudi some hints to equalize but were edged out by the eastern defence including the goalkeeper Akihiro Hayashi's savings. Meanwhile it was less than ten minutes to end when an Aldawsari quality ball forced a Japanease player's foul in their own box. Jufain Ali Albishi did the rest job to level.

I had ever seen it before in the country, Sree Kanteerava Stadium stopped giving some lightings to the two teams and the crowd in the way both finding a winner ending the game. Under hard to see plays, a substitute striker Kota Aoki fired through defenders and made it past Ahmed Dalah's hand in very ninety minutes.

I say VAMOS to young Japan being for the top of Asia!

match result:

AFC Youth Championship India 2006
Quarterfinals at Bangalore (7 Nov)

Japan 2-1 Saudi Arabia
(1-0)07' KAWAHARA
(1-1)81' ALBISHI
(2-1)90' AOKI
*Japan Qualified FIFA U-20 World Cup Canada 2007

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Spain's coach Luis Aragones was relieved to see his striker David Villa's penalty goal when home Spain beat Argentina at Estadio La Nueva Condomina of Murcia, FIFA International Friendly.

Spain, who had lost two straight games of Euro 08 qualifying round against Northern Ireland and Sweden, both away games, started to dominate the game before midfielder Andres Iniesta tried to make chances from the leftside. The Barcelona player found his team fellow Xavi Hernandez's opening middle shot and was fouled by Argentine to hand Villa to the winnning goal.

Argentina, who lost the first game for new coach Alfio Basile against Brazil at London last month, had groped where the coach wanted to go because of Juan Roman Riquelme's retirement of the national squad. Basile then may have summoned the players he knew and watched in his mother country such as Federico Insua, Daniel Bilos, Leandro Somoza and Sergio Aguero. They all were the first apperance in European club this season. But they will need time to fit to the national team and of course his clubteam.

Nothing to worry about. It is a point still more for FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010.

match result:

FIFA International Friendly
at Murcia, Spain (11 Oct)

Argentina 1-2 Spain
(0-1)32' XAVI
(1-1)34' BILOS
(1-2)63' VILLA(p)

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Rematch of the World Cup 1998 Final. There played six footballers each of the starters this night. Same situation as Frenchmen with Zinedine Zidane challenge the World Champion Brazil. And the result, France beat Brazil when French striker Thierry Henry volleyed the Zidane's long cross from the left into the net early second half. Brazil and Argentina, who was defeated by Germany in the penalty shoot-out, are forced to pack when four teams remaining are all Europeans.

Barcelona's playmaker Ronaldinho showed just a little parts of his talent to be eliminated the tournament. He might be fatigue enough to had fought until the end of last European seaon to get the Big Year and the Liga. Now two players who stood on the pitch of Champions League Final in Paris was left, Deco and Jens Rehman, who was sent off due to direct red card midway the first half. I expect how the Ronaldinho's fellow in the club challenges retiring European legend.

match result:

FIFA World Cup Germany 2006
Quarter-finals at Frankfurt (1 Jul)

Brazil 0-1 France
*France up to Semi against Portugal

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Seventeen yellow-cards were lifted by Russian Referee Ivanov Valentin when two each players of Portugal and Netherlands were sent off due to being booked twice in the Round of sixteen match of FIFA World Cup Germany. Their performances were so vicious to watch that four red-cards were necessary for the game, I think. Portugal, who went through Group D with all three wins, showed a superbry attacking football before the tragedy. At 23 minutes, Deco surrounding Dutch players sent a ball to striker Pauleta, who connected to Maniche's shot past Edwin van der Sar. It was the tragedy that Portugal's coach Luiz Felipe Scolari lost not only Costinha's second yellow card to eject but also young hope Cristiano Ronaldo, who was substituted due to injury, at both 1st half.

Into the 2nd, Netherlands, who ranked the 2nd in the Group C by goal defference behind Argentina as same 7 points, failed continually decisive chances to score in right front of goal standing Ricald. After Khalid Boulahrouz' sent-off, Dutch coach Marco van Basten threw out strikers, Rafael van der Vaart and Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink, to challenge the power-play, which dissapointed me because the Oranges was expected to show their own football they had. Power play is not theirs. 10-man Dutch was obiously panic in trailing one goal. Portuguese had much strong defence and a little good luck despite losing Deco collecting two yellow cards in the match.

Holland, who lost Gio van Bronckhorst at ending the game, had been defeated by Portugal two in a row since Semifainal of Euro 2004. Watching Netherlands' preliminary games of this World Cup, they seemed to be near the Champion, so the result dissapointed very much. Next game will be difficult for Portugal, who is lack of Deco. I'll prey that the winner is not decided by penalty shoot-out in as many a game as possible.

match result:

FIFA World Cup Germany 2006
R16 at Nuremberg (25 Jun)

Portugal 1-0 Netherlands
*Portugal up to Qtr-final against England

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Unhappy Polish... To feel in my mind in ending game was that one when I watched host Germany beat the neighbor Poland in the Group A match of FIFA World Cup. German substitute Oliver Neuville slid also sub David Odonkor's cross past just looking Artur Boruc, who had performed a few fine savings during 90 minutes.

At the first hour, both teams showed much good defending and fast attacking as that let me feel a splendid match. Host player Michael Ballack, who didn't enter winning first game against Costa Rica, created scoring chances from both sides, Phillip Lahm and Bernd Schneider. On the other hand, Ebi Smolarek, who was a player of BV Borussia Dortmund where this match was performed, connected short passes to penetrate toward the area goalie Jens Lehmann stood. But it didn't last until the ending of the game.

Into the 2nd, the Germans were dominating the field as the situation changed. Host coach  Juergen Klinsmann moved quickly to send young Odonkor for defender Arne Friedrih before continuing troubling the Polish. Moreover, Polish midfield Radoslaw Sobolewski was sent off at fifteen minutes remaining due to the yellow twice. Right side Odoncor, left side Lahm. Especially Lahm supplied from there to two polish-born strikers Miroslav Klose and Lukas Podolski, who both failed desicive chances to frustrate home crowd. Going to the end, fatigue 10-man Polska gradually retreated to strengthen the defence gather in front of the goal to get unsatisfied one point. Then over ninety minutes, Neiville for Podolski aimed for the ball from the right...

Now Poland, who was defeated Ecuador in the opening match, have no point to face Costa Rica in the final game of the group while Germany may be able to go through it if Ecuador deserves the 2nd win tomorrow.

match result:

FIFA World Cup Germany 2006
Group-A match at Dortmund (14 Jun)

Germany 1-0 Poland
*Germany going through Grp-A with 6 pts Ecuador

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2002 FIFA World Cup Champion team had come there. Brazil kicked off the first match against Croatia of FIFA World Cup Germany 2006 to grab the two consecutive Cup. Expecting the South American's dominance in the game, I found Brazil's left back Roberto Carlos the most energetic when the Real Madrid player prevented the European side from one of the attacking option. Croatia's key right wing Darijo Srna was busy with defending Roberto Carlos on his own side.

There was also a problem to Brazil. Ronald, who entered the third time World Cup to collect twelve goals in his career, moved heavily to end only one shooting over the bar before the striker was replaced by Robinho, who was first appearance in the World Cup. Dissapointing Ronald! Then it was Kaka who gave the Selecao one step forward the Cup as the Milan's boy fired from outside the box past stretching Stipe Pletikosa.

Croatia, who was forced captain Niko Kovac to replace due to the injury into the second half, tried to create few chance when striker Ivan Klasnic challenged middle shot. Brazilian goalkeeper Dida, however, comfortably saved in front of the Brazil goal to deny Croatian chance with center back Lucio and Juan.

This night, I stayed up by chance at that time when I watched the game that Brazil beat Croatia. During the Group-match of this World Cup, I'm having it record. It is still a point that stay up late. I'm going to be careful about physical condition management because Fun is from this.

match result:

FIFA World Cup Germany 2006
Group-F match at Berlin (13 Jun)

Brazil 1-0 Croatia
44' KAKA

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It was some more days to the World Cup. FIFA World Cup Germany finalists, Croatia and Poland met at Wolfsburg, Germany, to play each other in the World Cup Style. But it was done just during the 1st half. Croatia coach Zlatko Kranjcar made some players replaced in the start of the 2nd. Three players, Dario Srna, who hit a long range shot from the right to the crossbar at end of the 1st, Niko Kranjcar and Ivica Olic, who entered the game for Dado Prso with a pair of striker Ivan Klasnic, were substituted by Ivan Leko, Ivan Bosnjak and Marian Buhat, who is not named the World Cup player. Many times was repeated substitutions for both sides after Ebi Smolarek's header from the corner gave Poland a lead midway throgh the 2nd half.

Luka Modric was energetic enough to carry it forward in the starting point but after standing behind two strikers for Kranjcar into the 2nd, he didn't become as brightly as in the 1st. Croatia failed scoring chances despite defeating Polish defencemen by the high-ball strategy. After watching the TV, I considered that it was very game like the World Cup because there were little fantagic plays near the box while they adhered to a victory to keep their slight lead. It's boring, but this is the World Cup.

Poland will face Ecuador in the first Group A match on June 9, while Croatia has more warm-up game against Spain before meeting Brazil in the Group F match on June 13.

match result:

FIFA International Friendly
at Wolfsburg, Germany (3 Jun)

Poland 1-0 Croatia

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That was a fun game to watch. Japanese striker Naohiro Takahara's double wake up us in front of TV in Japan early morning. But the Sumurai Blues was forced to draw with host Germany at Leverkusen's BayArena in the warm-up game for June's FIFA World Cup. Under Germany's dominance since starting the game, it was Yuichi Komano and Takashi Fukunishi who contributed to change it before leading Takahara's opening goal at 12 minutes of the 2nd half.

Komano, who was replaced for injured Akira Kaji midway through the 1st, went on challenging forward the goal to create the chance to score. At last he made German left side Bastian Schweinsteiger reduce attacking drives seen at the 1st. Fukunishi, whom Brazilian Coach Zico put on there as a defensive midfielder by the side of Hidetoshi Nakata, limited the performances of German captain Michael Ballack during the game. The German skipper failed to score many times under the situations of the spot-kick and was likely recieving the yellow cards due to charge to Fukunishi. In the match, Japan's threat was not the breakthrough from the central but high balls from the side.

Germany's first scoring drive was Schweinsteiger's early cross near the halfway line to striker Miroslav Klose, who shook off Japanease defender Tsuneyasu Miyamoto. And the eqaulizer was produced from the free-kick near the right corner to Schweinsteiger, who headed in escaping from the defence.

Japan had exposed the weakness of the defence for high balls that every opposites against Japan think and hadn't been able to deny it this night. But Japan is now more hopeful than the host country. I will expect Japan's leaping in coming Group-F matches against Australia, Croatia and Brazil.

match result:

FIFA International Friendly
at Leverkusen, Germany (30 May)

Japan 2-2 Germany
(1-0)57' TAKAHARA
(2-0)65' TAKAHARA
(2-1)76' KLOSE

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